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Story Characters

These characters are important to the story of the game, however, they are not playable in any of the game's modes.

King Ivan Skyre I

Race: Human / Age: 38 / Orientation: Bisexual
Weapon: None / Status: King of Skyrilon

The King of Skyrilon. Responsible for bringing Skyrilon into it's most successful age. He was once an active king loved by the entire kingdom, however, the recent passing of the Queen has put him into a deep depression. He spends all of his efforts building up the kingdom's fearsome military strength so that none of his loved ones will be harmed again...

Princess Tessa Skyre

Race: Human / Age: 19 / Orientation: Straight
Weapon: Concealed Blade in Parasol / Status: Princess of Skyrilon

The older sister of Prince Ivan Skyre II. She is a cold and vicious snob of a princess who causes low-ranked soldiers to tense up just from being near her. Obsessed with her wealth, she requires her guards to wear especially ornate uniforms, and has her horse's coat dyed pink. She is extremely jealous of the relationship between Prince Ivan and Derek, wishing to marry Derek herself. Despite all of this, she is extremely protective of her younger brother, going as far as hiring Zade Elthund to teach her assassination and combat techniques. 

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